Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY: Back to School Binders

So today I'm doing another back to school DIY which involves binders! Since not all of you have notebooks or use notebooks for school, I'm gonna show you a really quick and easy way to spruce up your binders! To decorate one binder took me literally 5 minutes. So if you have all of the right supplies it really won't take you long at all! Okay, let's get started! :)

What you'll need:
-a binder
-stock paper

Information about the supplies:

Binder: I got this binder at Staples ($6.99) and I really like the bright colours of it. You especially want to get a binder where it has a clear covering on the front where you can slip in papers, or etc. because that is a VERY important part in this DIY!
Stock Paper: You can just pick this up at Michael's. They're really inexpensive ($0.99) and super cute and versatile! For this DIY I would recommend getting some that sort of matches the colour of your binder. As you can see, the stock paper that I purchased has blue butterflies which goes with my blue binder!

Ruler: I just got this from school, but you can easily find these at any office supply store or your local dollar store!

Scissors: I picked these up at Staples but you can get them at any office supply store!

Pencil: I don't think I need much explaining for this one, but I got this at Staples in a huge package!

1. In your binder should be a slip of paper in the front, clear pocket. Place it on your stock paper to make sure it fits!

2. Then, flip over the stock paper, once you've maken sure that the stock paper is big enough for the slip of paper.

3. Line up the slip of paper with the back of the stock paper. Make sure it's lined up almost perfectly! And if your stock paper has something that you don't want to be sideways (like my butterflies, or maybe dogs..?) make sure that you're cutting it the right side up!

4. Once it's lined up, take your ruler and place the edge of the ruler with the edge of your piece of paper, so you can easily trace the side with a pencil!

5. It should now look something like this picture to the right!

6. Now, cut on the lines you have traced, with your scissors! Try to be as precise as possible!

7. You should have a piece of stock paper the exact same size as the slip of paper that came with the binder! Slip the stock paper into the front, clear pocket!

8. You can also do the same thing with the side of your binder (though it depends what type of binder you have, since some binders don't have a side window). There will be another slip of paper in the side.

9. Just take that out and measure the stock paper again (though you can measure it a little smaller than it actually is so it can fit easily into the little window on the side of the binder!

10. Measure and cut the piece of paper out. Slip it into the little window and you're done!

So this is the final product! Transfer your binders from boring to amazing!

I also did this with my 2 other binders and really liked how they turned out! You're ready for school now! :)

I hope you enjoyed this week's DIY and maybe try it out if you have time! It's really quick, easy and inexpensive!

Hope you enjoyed reading and I'll talk to you next week!
-Megan :)xx

Next time: Dotted bobby pins! Check back soon!


  1. wow that is so smart i never thought of doing that!! lol yay thanks :D <3
    -adeline (colorful-carouselles)

  2. really cool! so telling my bbg to do that. ty so much! lol can't wait for east now! ty again. lol <3 :D:D:D

  3. Those are cool! They definitely got me thinking! 

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